About Us

Gladius provides comprehensive instruction on subjects that directly apply to real-world situations and the threats they present. Overcoming today’s urban environment can be a tricky process, come in and learn from our experienced training cadre, which represents prior law enforcement, military and SOF veterans, and private defense contractors.
The company was founded in early 2020 by Michael Woodruff Bird Jr, a seasoned entrepreneur whose personal experience in his childhood, and educational background, laid the foundation for his passion in providing the proper protection and training services to his organization and clientele. Michael’s vision for the company is clear: to empower and protect his clients and community for a safer tomorrow.
Our leadership team consists of trained, experienced professionals with longstanding careers in the military, law enforcement, and defense contracting. Many of Gladius’ personnel have had active deployment to dangerous regions across the globe, enabling them to utilize that experience and better train and secure our wide range of clients. From government positions to special operations, our team is qualified in the knowledge of what it takes to offer individuals the highest standards, and how to properly be prepared in our modern-day society.

Monday - Friday 9A - 5P, Saturday & Sunday By Appointment Only

 +844-290-0100 | Palm Beach Gardens, FL